Our Mission
In fulfillment of our mission to “spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Sharing International conducts many media seminars. Teams of broadcast professionals helped launch eight radio stations in seven nations in five years.

Our Partners
We seek out dedicated groups of nationals within countries that have little Christian presence on the air. These local “visionaries” must have a solid call to reach their own nation, cultures and communities using the media of radio and television.

The Process
Sharing Media Teams partner with local media groups to serve their vision in these ways:

Acquire radio or television licenses within the host country
Recruit conscientious staff that form the nucleus of the ministry leadership
Conduct 3 separate in-depth seminars by Sharing Media Teams (nationals arrange logistics and location; next time they also pay ground expenses; finally they also provide the team’s airfare)
Provide on-going mentoring and advocacy relationships in addition to conducting “boot camp” seminars

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