Summer 2012

One of the “rocks “ that Sharing International is built upon is helping, training and mentoring national leaders as they take up the challenge to reach their own people through radio and television. Through a new partnership with Vision Africa, Sharing Associates Chuck Pollak, Matt Stockman and Greg Jardine travelled to the south central Nigeria city of Umuayia. Vision Africa’s radio station there has recently been upgraded to 50,000 watts…reaching a potential listening audience of 20 million men, women and children. Realizing the opportunities and heavy responsibility that put on the Nigerian leadership and staff, Vision Africa called on Sharing to carry out a training and mentorship regimen in all areas of broadcast operations for the next year. Sharing Teams held two media seminars and meets weekly with the local station leadership via Skype to together plan and execute strategic plans to support the work of the Body of Christ and share the love of Jesus Christ with this vast and responsive audience.

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