Partner Objectives

  • Listen to Partners and work together on facilities, refurbishments, training for lasting change
  • Equip Volunteer Teams to practice cultural sensitivity, to share the Gospel and respond to need
  • Take Teams of Workers to work at the project location
  • Share the Love of God and provide Christian and health education.

Team Objectives

  • Link Churches with the partners on the field in such a way that work continues even when Sharing International involvement is completed, motivating churches to build a thriving short term mission program
  • Impact Communities with physical improvements and medical care as well as with spiritual input through Christian broadcasting and various means of evangelism
  • Transform Team Members with the cultural, spiritual, and relational aspects of the trip
  • Experience Missions with teams on the field, encouraging future involvement in missions

Project Objectives

  • Locate Mission Partnerships that match our Project Grid.
  • Allocate Resources to projects where continued presence is not necessarily needed
  • Mobilize Teams to areas of need with ability to respond rapidly
  • Provide Good Safety and Health Standards
  • Provide Answers to the Needy in poor communities practical help evangelism in conjunction with local partners with future involvement from churches

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