Sharing Media Teams

Sharing International gathers teams of broadcast professionals from the U.S. and U.K. to equip people in “messageless” countries for all aspects of Christian broadcasting. Sharing Media Teams come alongside nationals to help them establish their own Christian stations, networking them with other media groups for assistance. Teams are comprised of broadcast professionals, students and lay people drawn together with the common desire of serving the vision of Christian radio and television for societies yet unreached.

Local Vision

The most effective stations develop from local people rising up within their own culture to minister to that country or people-group. Sharing Media Teams hold conferences to train these local visionaries in station management, field research, audio editing and announcing. The goal: Self-supporting stations after Sharing Teams are gone. Attendees contact Sharing trainers for follow up advice. Often the Christian instructors become mentors to their international counterparts.

Global Impact

Sharing Media Teams have conducted multiple seminars in Poland, Belize, Guatemala, Romania, Australia, Zambia and England. Through this work, God has raised up dozens of viable, locally run Christian stations around the world. In turn, the Good News is going out to millions who never had access to Christian broadcasting before.

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