Welcome! Throughout more years than I care to remember, many family members, clergy, friends and even international leaders have encouraged me to write more than the occasional article or internet post…..but to give words to the exciting, hard and rewarding experiences the Lord has brought us through and the lessons we have learned through them. Overall, I tend to be forward-looking ….on to the next outreach and overall goals….a “what’s next?” outlook on ministry and life in general. So, sitting and writing is a task…..a chore….unless the Lord inspires…..then it is off to the races!

The purpose of this blog will be to invite friends and fellow workers to come along with me as we delve into the ministry-life of Sharing International, the road that it has taken and those that dared to extend who they are to reach into the supernatural to accomplish high-impact results for our international partners and great change in ourselves.

All who have worked in answer to the call of the Master can point to instances and adventures, some challenging or dangerous to those that seem mundane…..but yet can see events and interventions that have no explanations other than God’s Hand. Each one is burned into our memories for a lifetime, evidence of the Glory of God for those that choose to obey.

We will change-up how we tell these stories, written word, video, PowerPoint and/or interviews with Sharing Associates and Partner volunteers inviting all to be entertained, to consider the point of it all: that average believers courageous enough to use their God-Given gifts, talents and callings can see Him multiply them into amazingly useful fruit for the Kingdom. Welcome……let’s begin!!