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Sharing Media Teams

Sharing International gathers teams of broadcast professionals from the U.S. and around the world. to equip people in “message less” countries for all aspects of Christian broadcasting and media. Sharing Media Teams come alongside nationals to help them establish their own Christian stations, networking them with other media groups for assistance. Teams are comprised of broadcast and media  professionals, students, and lay people drawn together with the common desire of serving the vision of Christian radio and television for societies yet unreached.

Local Vision

The most effective stations develop from local people rising up within their own culture to minister to that country or people-group. Sharing Media Teams hold conferences to train these local visionaries in station management, field research, audio editing and announcing. We also provide filmmaking training. The goal: Self-supporting stations after Sharing Teams are gone. Attendees contact Sharing trainers for follow up advice. Often the Christian instructors become mentors to their international counterparts.

Global Impact

Sharing Media Teams have conducted multiple seminars in Poland, Belize, Guatemala, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Australia, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia and England. Through this work, God has raised up dozens of viable, locally run Christian stations and filmmakers around the world. In turn, the Good News is going out to millions who never had access to Christian broadcasting before.

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Resources and Relationships

An efficient use of resources within the Body of Christ can propel local believers to establish effective Christian radio on their own. We can accomplish so much more together than apart. Therefore, Sharing International establishes relationships with like-minded ministries who bring gifts, talents and callings that complement all we do.

Partnership for Success

Goals are established for a given project, country, or ministry-type. A plan for sharing of our combined resources is agreed upon. This partnership continues for a predetermined length of time to allow for the successful completion of the broadcast project.

Precept Ministries Euro-Asia – Moldova

TenTV and NovaFM – Moldova

United Christian Broadcasters – New Zealand

University of Northwestern Radio Network

World Harvest Missions

+ many churches around the globe.

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Partner Testimonials

“So grateful for the Christ-centeredness that was weaved throughout the Seminar and the focus was always to glorify God above all else…”

Clive Welsh, Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry, Belize

“I must also appreciate Chuck Pollak and crew for that wonderful presentation/ training they offered us. Now I truly understand what it means to affect my generation positively through the media….”

Felicia Torty, Nigeria

“What a blessing to be taught by you guys! You rock!!!”

Eftail Baraku

“I have had the privilege of attending two seminars, and both have been very helpful to me as a Radio Station operator.” 

Johnny Wall, Horizon Radio, Belize