Each division of SHARING brings hope to the poor, using practical and humanitarian methods along with the love of Jesus, and by establishing partnerships between groups. Sharing is YOU using YOUR gifts to serve with THEM and THEIR gifts on the field!

– Sharing Teams

Mission Statement: To mobilize teams to bring aid and the Gospel to strife-ridden areas of the world through partnering with other organizations to bring medical aid, construction, the love of Jesus, and follow up to those we serve.

It’s your life… share it today!

Church teams impact the poorest nations on earth! Believers come together to bring hope to the world. There is growing interest in locations where the problems are.

– Broadcast Training

Mission Statement: To be a catalyst for broadcasters (professionals, students and lay people) to train foreign broadcast visionaries in station management, field research, audio editing and announcing to raise up a viable, Christian voice for the unreached around the world.

It’s your voice…make it known!

There is a real challenge for developing nations that lack balance in the broadcast industry. Some are called to aggression by the lone voice of one radical broadcast, especially in the absence of any other view. Christian broadcasting offers hope to these difficult places.